Keith librarySaturday was beautiful, and we had nothing scheduled, so we decided to ride our bikes up to Evanston. It’s about 13 miles each way. A decent workout, especially on our old heavy bikes. In hindsight we should have picked a different day. The lakefront was packed due to the air and water show, but it cleared up once we got past Lakeview.

We rode our bikes to Evanston for the first time last summer, and while I’m sure there are many fun things to do in the area, it’s more about the journey for us. Last year, we simply had lunch and rode home. This time around, we walked Northwestern’s campus and explored the park by the lake (the lakefill?). We saw a bunch of people paddle boarding, kite surfing, and having picnics. We also stopped by Merrick rose garden. It’s a beautiful little park that would be perfect for a wedding ceremony.

I have to say though, my favorite part about riding to Evanston is stopping by Scooter’s Custard on the way home. Their custard is so delicious, but we never go there since it’s fairly far away from us. I am hoping we can make another trip sometime this summer!

Student gardenA student garden on campus.Rose gardenMerrick park.Rose and beeI caught this photo of a bee with my iPhone.Yellow roses

Our Weekend

Intelligentsia latte
This weekend we were back in Chicago with very little on the agenda. Friday and Saturday were absolutely beautiful. Hot even! We ate dinner outside at Cocello on Friday evening, and spent Saturday riding our bikes up to Evanston. We had brunch plans in Logan Square on Sunday and we were up early, so we grabbed some coffee at the Intelligentsia on Milwaukee. Keith had been before, but I didn’t know it was a full-service, track-style coffee bar. They make your drinks right in front of you, and there were people sitting around reading and ordering multiple (!!) coffee drinks. The atmosphere was so nice, and I want to go back with a magazine or a newspaper. My latte was delicious as well.

After brunch, Keith and I planned to check out some open houses, and our friends decided to join us. On our way, we ended up making a quick detour to Paws. Maggie and Brian are thinking of adopting a dog, and there were so many cute puppies at the shelter. We visited a few open houses – one that was quite nice, and one that was not so nice – before splitting off and heading home. It was foggy and a bit chilly, so Keith and I stayed in the rest of the day. It was a quiet afternoon and an early evening.

I haven’t been cooking a ton this summer, but I wanted to try a new dish Sunday. I cobbled together a few Asian noodle recipes and made these soba noodles for dinner. I can’t believe we haven’t made something like this before. They were simple and refreshing. I’m hoping the leftovers will be good as well.

NoodlesMaria got an iPhone Saturday, so now she can group text our family. She sent out a selfie of her and her boyfriend, Will, and within an hour, the family selfies were flying. Here’s our contribution. Have a great week!EK Selfie

Cape Cod and Nantucket

Sankaty LighthouseOur trip last week was the first family vacation we’ve taken in several years. We stayed in Wellfleet, which I loved. It was remote, small, and not very touristy. I also loved the beaches on the National Seashore. We saw lots of seals quite close to the shore, which convinced Keith and my mom that sharks couldn’t be far behind. I really enjoyed getting to show Keith the Cape, and it was fun for my family to reminisce about our previous trips. Plus, our family is growing, and it was great to have 12 people in the house this time. Our days were filled with hikes, beach time, and exploring the little towns on the Cape. Our evenings consisted of cooking large family meals and playing cards and board games.

Keith and I spent Thursday by ourselves and took a day trip to Nantucket. It was our first time on the island and we absolutely loved it. We rented a scooter and explored Siasconset, Madaket, and the main downtown area. The homes were so beautiful, both small and large, and I couldn’t get over the colorful hydrangea bushes and amazing window boxes. When Keith and I talk about our future vacations, we have always agreed we’d prefer to travel to new places every year versus buying a vacation home (not that we are anywhere near a position to do that!). Visiting Cape Cod and Nantucket was the first time we both agreed we could see the appeal of a summer home. In our dreams…

Below are a few photos from our time in Wellfleet and Nantucket. Coming back from a trip like this is always bittersweet. My family is starting to spread out, and it is so rare that everyone gets together like this. I always wish I had a little more time with everyone!

Nantucket House Nantucket House 2 Cape Cod House Sail Boats Beach chairsCan you imagine if this was the view from your backyard?

The following photos were taken by my father.

Hiking photo Seagrass Emma and Keith Sibling photo


Our Weekend

BeachHello from Cape Cod! Keith and I are enjoying a week on vacation with my family. We rented a big house in Wellfleet, and our already large family of eight has grown to a party of 12. It has been so fun. We just got back from a day at the beach, and we are waiting for my parents and our two youngest siblings to arrive. So far we’ve explored the downtown area, tried a few lobster rolls, checked out several local beaches, and played a few rounds of very competitive card games. I am looking forward to the rest of the week!