Our Weekend

BeetsWe enjoyed a gorgeous weekend in Chicago. After thunderstorms Friday night, the weather was perfect. Keith had to do some work Saturday morning, so I went to the farmer’s market. These pickled beets are delicious! We enjoyed lunch on the patio at Pierrot Gourmet, ran some errands, and walked around Old Town. There’s a spice store that we never go to, but the door was open Saturday so we checked it out. Keith was thrilled to find sumac. He ate it with every meal while we were in Turkey, and now the fun can begin again in Chicago. We also spent some time relaxing in Lincoln Park and playing fetch with the cutest little Cockapoo!

Sumac Lincoln Park Keith Michigan shirtKeith sporting his Michigan pride Saturday afternoon. It was a rough weekend for the Big 10.

By far the highlight of our weekend was dinner at Bavette’s Saturday night. It is one of our favorite restaurants, and we went to celebrate our anniversary. They sat us at the cutest little corner table, and we enjoyed cocktails, oysters, delicious food, and great conversation. It was so fun to get dressed up for a special night out. We were moving a little slower Sunday morning, but it was well worth it.

Today I am headed to New York for lunch with a client, but then it’s back to Chicago this evening for the rest of the week. Nothing like a Monday day trip to get the week started!

Our Weekend

Photo gridHappy Tuesday everyone! Keith and I spent our Labor Day weekend in Orlando celebrating Keith’s cousin’s wedding. The wedding was held at the newly opened Four Seasons, and the property was absolutely beautiful. We arrived Friday night just in time for a late dinner and drinks with the wedding party. Keith had told the hotel our anniversary fell during our stay, and we were greeted with the most amazing cake upon check-in. It was seriously delicious.

Anniversary cakeWe spent both Saturday and Sunday morning by the pool. The hotel is located within the Walt Disney World resort, and the grounds were sprawling. There’s a golf course, tennis courts, a huge lazy river, and two pools. The forecast called for rain, but the weather held out and was absolutely gorgeous (although very hot and humid). We read, swam, and ate our meals poolside.

Four seasons poolThe wedding was such a blast. The décor was gorgeous, the drinks were flowing, and the band was really good. They even had a cigar rolling station, which Keith loved. We flew back to Chicago Sunday night, so it was a short but sweet trip, but absolutely worth the trip!

One Year Anniversary

EKwed_391Keith and I got married one year ago today. In many ways, it feels as though the year has flown by, but we also created so many memories during our first year as a married couple. It has been a relatively quiet year for us. We have enjoyed steady jobs, time with family and friends, and life in an amazing city. We have also been fortunate enough to travel and explore new places together.

In the months following our wedding, people would ask me about married life, and I would reply that it felt the same. Keith and I had lived together for over two years before we were married, so the legalities of our marriage weren’t changing our day-to-day. We are only one year in, but even with my limited perspective I now feel more grounded and stable in our relationship. It’s easier for me to make goals and share dreams about our future knowing that we have promised to be there for each other.

Keith, I am so happy to have you as my partner, and I look forward to spending many more years together. I love you.

Summer time

Summer HouseI will join pretty much everyone in saying, where did this summer go? It hasn’t been the warmest in Chicago, but it’s the end of August, and our window of nice weather is coming to an end. Here’s a bit of what we’ve been up to this summer.

Brunch (and coffee): Keith said last weekend that this is the summer of brunch, and I have to agree with him. Most weekends we’ll head out in the morning and not come back to our condo until late afternoon. We have discovered some great brunch places, and Beatrix is our current favorite. I also just started drinking coffee this year, and with the cooler temps, we often start our weekend mornings at a coffee shop.

Reading: My book club gets together once a month on Sunday evenings, and while it’s fun to read the books, it’s mostly nice to have a standing date with my girlfriends. I really ramped up my reading three years ago, and last year I read over 30 books! Some of my favorites this year have been The Goldfinch, American Icon, and The Son.

Farmer’s market: I know I’ve written enough about this, but it really is one of my favorite summer activities. We are getting great use out of our vitamix blender!

Beach time: Granted, we got a lot of beach time during our trip to Cape Cod, but we have also spent a few days at the beach in Chicago. We rented chairs one day with our friends, and went out early one morning to go paddle boarding. I have never lived so far from the lake (we’re about a mile west right now), and I keep telling Keith I would love for our next place to be closer.

Availability: Keith and I had been in school for the last three summers. This is our first summer of freedom! It has been so nice to have more time and to just be available. Last minute invitation to grab dinner with friends? Sure, why not? Friends in from out of town? We would love to hang out! I am very much a planner, but I have enjoyed being more spontaneous and not feeling overscheduled.

We’ve had a great summer, but there are still a few things I’d like to do before the cold weather sets in. I want to go to Big Star again. We would go almost every weekend last summer, and we’ve only been a handful of times this year. That place is so much better on the patio. I’d also like to spend a day on the pool deck at our gym. It’s such a nice, large space and we rarely utilize it.

How has your summer been?

Our Weekend

Travel partyI cannot believe this was the last weekend before Labor Day. I am crossing my fingers for a delayed fall, with lots of warm weather in September. This weekend was really relaxing, which was welcomed after a lot of travel last week. We spent Friday night at our friend Scott’s 30th birthday party. I met Scott and his wife, Julie, six years ago. They started at Accenture one week before me. Since then, many of us have left the company, but Scott has persevered. He is currently traveling to and from San Francisco every week! It helps that he loves to travel. Julie threw a travel themed party for him. She sent out invitations that looked like boarding passes and put out glasses of champagne and airplane snacks for guests as they arrived. It was so cute.

Rooftop viewFortunately the rain held off Friday because the party was on their rooftop. The view was amazing!

On Saturday Keith and I had plans to go to the farmer’s market and get brunch, but our condo is undergoing balcony repairs, and we had to remove the deck platform that Keith had built. We thought we might be able to pop it up and carry it into our second bedroom, but it was so heavy! We ended up taking each plank off individually and then moving the frame inside. Three hours later we finally finished and went straight to lunch. We were going to walk around Lincoln Park in the afternoon, but it started raining, so we grabbed a newspaper and camped out at Blue Door Farm Stand. We finished the day with a late afternoon movie and take-out from Pequod’s. That place is the best.

Keith coffee Emma coffeeSunday we went to the gym and ran some errands. Oh, and we got brunch at Beatrix. I wanted to go back just so get their lemon pancakes again. They’re amazing! Keith also tried their bulletproof coffee. It was actually pretty good, but very rich. We wrapped up the weekend with more soba noodles! I am nothing if not a creature of habit.

Happy Monday! I hope you all have a great week!